Panasonic at the People Movement and Management Show


Whether for the home, office, department store, car, plane, or production facility: Panasonic powers the things that move people. We develop and design solutions with impressive variety, keeping the customer’s requirements as a whole always in view.  Panasonic’s decades of experience in the area of consumer products and industrial automation lay the perfect foundation for our range of sensor products to succeed. We conduct very careful monitoring to observe customer needs and what type of added value is in demand in which specialty area. Our blend of outstanding technology, outstanding quality and outstanding service is a complete solution, leaving nothing to be desired.

Panasonic will be exhibiting a range of photo electric based sensors used extensively in people/animal counting and movement detection applications.  These are robust industrial sensors that are capable of detecting objects irrespective of colour or material and are used to interface to counting solution systems in a variety of applications.

In addition there will be on display our range of component based PIR sensing devices that are suitable for design into numerous people sensing solutions and building automation applications including light switching, security systems and many more.



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