Panasonic High-power PhotoMOS relays: new AQZ types


The new AQZ series high power PhotoMOS relays from Panasonic Electric Works combine the benefits of electromechanical relays with state-of-the-art semiconductor technology. Depending on type, they permit reliable, non-wearing, silent switching of AC and DC loads up to 200V or 6A in a compact 4-pin SIL package (L x W x H = 21mm x 3.5mm x 12.5mm). Their typical on-resistance is a minimal 15mOhm. Typically 1mA is sufficient to actuate the LED at the input, enabling highly energy-efficient applications to be realized. The AQZ relays are therefore ideal in control applications, such as for heating elements, motors or lamps.

The key data at a glance:


Load voltage (peak AC DC) = 60V
Load current = 6,0A
Contact resistance = 0,015 Ohm
I/O insulation = 2,5kV
Package = SIL

Load voltage (peak AC DC) = 200V
Load current = 2,0A
Contact resistance = 0,18 Ohm
I/O insulation = 2,5kV
Package = SIL

In addition to the high currents, very low signal loads can also be switched without error. A very low offset voltage enables control of low-level analog signals with no distortion. The low on-resistance and resultant little variation across the temperature range also opens up numerous potential applications in measurement and testing, especially where a consistent loop resistance or limiting voltage drop at the switching contact is vital. High power PhotoMOS relays are ideally suited for all application areas that require an extremely long lifetime and constant electrical characteristics. The relays are used, for example, to produce maintenance-free PLC output units,

More information
Data sheet AQZ
PhotoMOS Catalog

Samples of the AQZ series are available upon request.
Please contact us.


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